duminică, 23 septembrie 2012

50 Cent feat Jeremih - 5 Senses

O melodie mai veche dar plina de simturi

Your love let me taste it
Come here let me taste it...three
Time's of the essence baby don't you waste it
I tell you what I'm thinking you listen to my thoughts
So you could see my vision, than you'll never get lost
If you folow my lead, girl I'll be what you need
I put my trust in you, now put your trust in me....

Would you whisper to me it's yours/Girl you smell so gentle and pure
You control my senses/If you look this good
I wonder how you taste/Baby if I touch your body
Hear you scream my name/Would you whisper to me it's yours
Gïrl you smell so gentle and pure/You control my senses
Baby all my senses

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